Who are we? Why are we here?


I am a Spirit attached to my mind  – You are a Spirit attached to your mind.

Where there is life a spirit dwells within the body.

What you and I see with the eyes is either a beautiful or an ugly sight, and what you and I hear with the ears is either a pleasant or unpleasant sound. Both sight and sound are experienced in the mind.

What you and I taste is from the mouth, and tastes nice or otherwise, and is experienced in the mind. What you and I feel in the body is also experienced in the mind but as a pleasant or painful sensation.

Soul is what we are conscious of in the mind between what God and Satan the devil have each contributed.

GOD is a power of love – is in heaven, and gives peace of mind within our Spirit.

Satan the devil in our mind gives thoughts of greed, selfishness, thoughtless, is unkind and has no good feelings towards mankind or to any living creatures.

We are spirits, with a mind, attached to a body with a brain.

All our emotions are experienced when we speak to each other, and the expressions are seen on the face and the way the body reacts. We can have spiritual or physical emotions:

  • Spiritual emotions of your soul – (decisions of what you think is good or bad between the power of GOD and Satan the devil). These are reflected in your mind and spirit. 
  • Physical emotions of your body – (the way the body reacts after a thought from the mind and spirit). For example, when you speak loudly with anger and show your resentment by your body movement and actions – or when you are happy you smile to show your appreciation.

Why do we pray?  GOD is always with us with the power of love.  We do not have to ask to find his presence.

(1) Do we ask GOD for his love?

(2) Do we ask the devil for his guidance?

(3) Do you and I control the power of destruction?

We the spirit has a mind that can choose for itself and to consider others.

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