And GOD said

It is not a question of how God thinks or the way the devil thinks it is the way YOU and the way WE think.  We all think differently. People think differently. People think for themselves. Some receive satisfaction by running people down while others get satisfaction by helping with encouraging words. We are all different spiritually and physically. WE cannot change the spiritual world or the material world but we can say something that gives us satisfaction and also something that gives encouragement for others to live a better life.

There are many religions, each presented with a different idea, but we sense something that suits our SOUL – all through the power of GOD and SATAN the devil.

 God of love, and the Devil of greed, each with a thought operating in opposite directions gives us the choice that could lead to a better spiritual and material life.

 GOD says nothing but his power is of Love – Peace. 

The Devil says nothing but his power is for himself – greed – lust etc.

 God and the devil are opposites in spiritual value.

The SPIRITUAL and MATERIAL electromagnetic forces balance out at a central point where all the different SOULS of the universe are produced when orbiting the CREATOR.   (GOD and SATAN representing the SPIRITUAL are attracted to the CREATOR and the SUN and PLANETS representing the MATERIAL experiencing an outward force. 

Who are WE, and when do we use opposing thoughts? We are SPIRITS with a MIND and a SOUL. Our MIND chooses that which gives spiritual value.. We either choose the power of Love or choose the power of SATAN the devil. 

WE the SPIRIT cannot live with spiritual thoughts alone.  There has to be an opposing material thought for us to exist, otherwise what’s the purpose of the spiritual world alone??

There has to be something in opposition to the spiritual to give it value and that is with a material BODY.


There are many types of material bodies which include human’s, animal’s, bird’s etc and a SPIRIT attaches itself to whatever gives it material and spiritual life. 

The only way WE the SPIRIT – in our present state of conscience mind – can think of living a better, or improved, or good LIFE, is by attaching ourselves to a human body on this planet EARTH.


Material bodies – embryo – will grow while it is receiving food but the body will not be alive unless it is given life.  We the SPIRIT give it LIFE by operating firstly the heart then other parts of the body.

Because you see yourself in a body, you then see yourself as a human or as an animal, or whatever you have chosen to be in that is able to see and hear and think as you do.


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